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Through the Years with MateraLab

May 2022: Lab dinner at Tallulahs. Turkish coffee for all.  L-R: Vasudha Vandadi, Benjamin McMichael, Harmony Salzler, Greg Matera, John Brown, Nick Elston.

July 2021: Still zooming, lab photo.  L-R: Justin Ashby, Harmony Salzler, Vasudha Vandadi, John Brown, Benjamin McMichael, Nick Elston, Greg Matera.

June 2020: Lab meeting, Covid style. L-R: Swetha Velivela, Greg Matera, Becky Steiner, Vasudha Vandadi, John Brown, Harmony Salzler.

March 2019: Visiting the Cajal exhibit at UNC Ackland Art Museum. L-R: Greg Matera, Ashlyn Spring, Harmony Salzler, Amanda Raimer, Caroline Fraser, Casey Schmidt, Swetha Velivela.

July 2018: Outside the Genome Sciences Building. L-R: Joseph Y. Giusto, Casey Y. Schmidt, Michaela Schillinger, Amanda Raimer, Greg Matera, Ashlyn Spring, Jo Kelly, Dylan Rose.  Note: Y stands for ‘Yinzer.’

April 2018: The nearly de rigueur lunch outing to Mellow Mushroom. With: Tori Rosen, Ashlyn ‘Beyonce’ Spring, Joseph Giusto, Michelle McVay, Maina Edula, Amanda Raimer, Christine Hamilton, Casey Schmidt.

August 2017: Total Eclipse watch party, GSB lawn. Back: Casey Schmidt, Kelsey Gray, Mike Meers, Ashlyn Spring. Front: Amanda Raimer, Christine Hamilton. Behind the camera: Greg.

April 2017: Big Night watch (and cooking) party. Left image: Kelsey Gray, Amanda Raimer, Rita Meganck, John Noto, Kathy Matera, Zhipeng Lu (back visiting during his postdoc), Casey Schmidt. Middle: Nonna’s Timpano. Right: Rita Meganck, Zhipeng and family, Kelsey Gray, Mike Meers, Amanda Raimer, Ashlyn Spring, and Casey Schmidt.

December 2016: Holiday party at Ying’s House. Back row: Greg Matera, Kelsey Gray, Katie Bolling, John Noto, Mike Meers, Ying Wen. Middle: Amanda Raimer, Ashlyn Spring, Casey Schmidt, Bhawana Bariar.

October 2016: Lab outing to NC State Fair. Sunglasses row: Casey Schmidt, Mike Meers, Amanda Raimer, Katie Bolling. Non-sunglass row: John Noto, Kelsey Gray, Ashlyn Spring.

May 2015: Lab photo in GSB courtyard. Back: John Noto, Kelsey Gray, Mike Meers, Katie Bolling, Ying Wen. Front: Bhawana Bariar, Amanda Raimer, Stephen Klusza, Casey Schmidt, Eric Garcia. Center: Greg Matera.

June 2014: World Cup watch party. Lab members L-R: John Noto, Casey Schmidt, Amanda Raimer, Zhipeng Lu, Mike Meers, Kelsey Gray, Nathan Spain, Ying Wen, Katie Bolling. Behind the camera: Greg.


December 2013: Holiday party demonstrating that the MateraLab loves RNA, fruit flies, tacky sweaters and reindeer. Left image, back row: Mike Meers, Stephen Klusza, Eric Garcia, Greg Matera, Zhipeng Lu, Katie Bolling, John, Noto, Ying Wen; front row: Casey Schmidt, Amanda Raimer, Kelsey Gray and ‘the incomparable’ Talia Hatkevitch (who apparently does not know Jazz hands from Reindeer hands).  Right image: John Noto, Kelsey Gray, Mike Meers, Greg Matera, Zhipeng Lu, Casey Schmidt.

March 2013: Our first trip to the (then newly reopened) Mellow Mushroom on Franklin Street. L-R: John Noto, Ying Wen, Nathan Spain, Stephen Cooper, Zhipeng Lu, Pedro Pozo (rotation student), Stephen Klusza, Mike Meers, Eric Garcia, Amanda Natalizio, Greg Matera, Kavita Praveen, Casey Schmidt, Kelsey Gray.

March 2012: Genetic Engineers visit GSB construction site prior to the opening of our current lab space. L-R: Ying Wen, Chad Rappleyea, Amanda Natalizio, Stephen Cooper, Zhipeng Lu, Kavita Praveen, Greg Matera, Eric Garcia, Mike Meers.

August 2008: Out on the town, saying so-long to Kristin. L-R: Jennifer Fuentes, Graydon Gonsalvez, Kristin Morrison, Mike Walker, Amanda Natalizio, Mario Izaguirre-Sierra. Behind the camera: Greg. Not pictured: Kavita, Raj, Ying.

February 2008: Shortly after moving to UNC. Back: Amanda Natalizio, Mike Walker, Graydon Gonsalvez, Greg Matera; Middle: Kavita Praveen, Kristin Morrison, Jennifer Fuentes; Front: Raj T.K., Ying Wen.

August 2006: Lab party on back deck in Pepper Pike, OH. L-R at the table: Kavita Praveen (with spouse), Yu Chen (with fianceé three down), Jason Ospina (with spouse and daughter), Melissa Hinman (rotation student), Karl Shpargel (with spouse), Kathryn Bollinger, Mike Walker (with spouse), Liping Tian. Back row: Greg Matera, Kristin Morrison, Amanda Hicks Natalizio, Michael Schnetz (rotation student), Graydon Gonsalvez.

June 2005: Outside lab at Case Western Reserve. L-R: Ian Gould, Jason Ospina, Greg Matera, Rajendra T.K., Tripurari Mishra, Mike Walker, Yu Chen, Karl Shpargel, Graydon Gonsalvez, Liping Tian.

September 2004: Graduation party for Usha. L-R: Graydon Gonsalvez, Karl Shpargel, Greg Matera, Usha Narayanan (and spouse), Jason Ospina, Yu Chen, Mike Walker, Liping Tian, Rajendra T.K.

July 2002: A roller coaster extravaganza at Cedar Point, OH. L-R: Jason Ospina, Greg Matera, Usha Narayan, Michael Hebert, Villian Naeem, Stavit Biton, Christina Janiga, Yushen Chang.

July 2001: Slightly out of focus in our previous lab at CWRU. L-R (rear): Michael Hebert, Greg Matera, Villian Naeem, Eric Kennedy, Usha Narayanan, Piotr Szymczyk, Jason Ospina. L-R (front): Emily Harkins, Karen Tucker, Karl Shpargel.

March 2001: Mark Frey (L) and Karen Tucker (R) in lab secretly preparing for Mark’s ‘graduation roast’ photo under Greg’s watchful eye…